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Why Pin High labels are better.

A close look at how our labels are manufactured shows why they are so durable and so popular. In a sense, each club label is like a club sandwich, with 6 distinct layers, each contributing something special to the finished product.

Layer #1 - A translucent silicone treated polyester release liner allows the labels to be peeled off more easily and consistently than from a paper lining.

Layer #2 - The base or primary adhesive has two important characteristics. First, it is slow curing. This makes the labels easier to handle and more forgiving during application. Second, once cured, it is extremely aggressive, minimizing the tendency to peel away from the shaft with extended wear and tear. (Labels are removable after curing, though shafts should be cleaned with alcohol or other mild organic solvent before applying new ones.)

Layer #3 - This is the bright metallic Mylar® film that gives our labels their strength and visual appeal. Although only 1 mil (1/1,000 inch) thick, it is one of the strongest films available and has been used by many golf shaft manufacturers for their trademark labels. Specially coated to accept our thermal printing process, our supplier fabricates rolls that are 54 inches wide by 1600 ft. long. These master rolls are then divided into rolls 5 inches wide that are suited to our equipment.

Layer #4 – This is where the “printing” takes place. Rather than printing with ink, however, we use a thermal transfer process that uses high temperature print heads and jet- black resin to literally bond your information onto the surface of the Mylar®. Although far more expensive than inkjet printing, this process provides higher contrast and much greater fade resistance.

Layers #5 & #6 – When it comes to durability our factory lamination makes a world of difference. Here a layer of ultra-clear polyester film is “cold- roll” laminated onto the printed surface as the two films are fed between heavy rollers under high pressure. The adhesive used here is thin, clear, cures quickly, and is so aggressive that it virtually eliminates the possibility of de-lamination.

The final stage in the process is to die-cut the roll of printed, laminated film into groups of 20 labels, strip off the matrix of waste film, and then sheet-cut into individual sets. Each label measures 2 1/8 inches long, so it can easily overlap on itself for maximum adhesion. All 4 corners are slightly rounded to minimize peeling and allow for usage on other products with flat surfaces, such as MP3’s, cell phones and laptops and much more.

Once you’ve tried genuine Pin High labels we are certain that you too will someday be back for more.

Order some Pin High labels today . . . you'll be glad you did!

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