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The Round File Scorecard Booklet

The RoundFile Golf Stats  Booklet

Ask any pro how many fairways he hit during a round and he will know the answer. The same is true for greens in regulation, sand saves, and number of putts. He will also know how many times he got up & down to save par after missing a green.

Pros know these things because they carefully keep track of them. They keep track of them because they are the benchmarks by which they measure the strengths and weaknesses of their game.

You too can improve your scoring by keeping track of these important components of your golf game.

Each booklet contains 25 scorecards.


Price: $7.95

Only $6.95 each if You Buy 3 or More

Enter PAR and HCP (Handicap) information from the course scorecard before beginning play.

Keep your stroke total here, as well as those of your playing partners if you wish, just as you would on any scorecard.

Enter a (+) to indicate a successful opportunity and a (-) to indicate an unsuccessful opportunity, otherwise leave blank.

Use to record any information that is of interest to you, e.g. penalty strokes.

Enter number of strokes taken on the putting surface.

TOT (Total)
Enter number of successful opportunities, or add up the (+)'s.
The RoundFile Scorecard Booklet Sample Page
POSS (Possible)
Enter total number of opportunities whether successful or not. Or add up the (+)'s and (-)'s. % = TOT / POSS. This is your success rate. Example: If you hit 9 out of 16 fairways, the HIT FAIRWAYS column would show 9 (+)'s, 7 (-)'s and 2 blanks. The TOT would be 9, POSS would be 16 and % would be 9 / 16 = .56, your success rate.

As you can see The RoundFile is a convenient tool that you can use to help analyze and improve all aspects of your game. Never again will you need to clutter up your scorecard with strange marks and codes in an effort to keep track of this vital information.


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